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Strong, Corrugated Boxes, Cardboard Sheet, Tampered-Proof and Reliable Cardboard Sheet, Rectangular Printed Corrugated Box, Printed Corrugated Box, Brown Corrugated Liner, Printed Duplex Corrugated Box, etc.

About Us- Inception and Ascent of Kranti

Kranti Packaging is one of the major Manufacturers and Suppliers of high quality Packaging Products such as Cardboard Sheet, Rectangular Printed Corrugated Box, Printed Corrugated Box, Brown Corrugated Liner, Printed Duplex Corrugated Box, etc. We have been meeting the needs of leading brands of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Food & Beverages, Retail and other sectors. Since 2011, we have been breaking barriers and setting new pursuit in the domain of packaging industry. This is an ambition by young entrepreneurs Mungpara family to excel in the packaging business and add value to packaging functions. These young entrepreneurs had technical knowhow, foresight and knowledge that reaped the desired success for Kranti. In 2012, the company got Excise Registration. The first year, sales figure was Rs. 35 Lakhs and now, it is Rs. 2.5 Crores, in spite of fluctuations in the business, region and the country. We have experienced unstopped and uninterrupted growth.


We provide a wide range of packaging products in different print finishes from foil stamping, varnishing to embossing. We have supplied different items to the governments for shipping on covered trucks or intermodal containers. Normal commercial packaging and "domestic boxes" are acceptable


Kranti Packaging supports customers in solving the most complex packaging needs. Our company provides several solutions range from innovative & patented packaging material to turnkey packaging system solutions.

Design Innovation

We are loved by customers across the world not just because of our production work but also excellence in conceptualization and design development of commendable packaging solutions that fulfill the packaging requirements of the market.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the pillar of the success of the company, hence, we follow strict quality control policies. Our fully-fledged lab conducts quality tests for delivering flawless finished products to the customers. Our Digital Bursting and Strength Testing Machine is used for testing the endurance and strength of the packaging items.


Our well established infrastructural facility has hi-tech equipment managed by experts to guarantee precision in the production.

The Location (Sub header)

The unit is situated in Lothadaa Industrial Estate in the outskirts of Rajkot. It ensures an easy access to the raw material, labor, transportation as well as means of communication.

The Capacity (Sub header)

We have modern machines for ensuring the production capacity of 2000 to 3,00,000 boxes according to the sizes every day.

  • Corrugation Machines
  • Pasting Machines
  • Die-cutting and Punching Machines
  • RS-4 with Printing Machine (Imported)
  • Rotary Creasing Cutting Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Stitching Machines
  • Stapling Machines
  • We also provide matchless cushion packaging in zigzag pattern.  

The Customer Base

We have won the trust of a long list of clients by offering the best quality products. Some of them are:

  • Crompton
  • Silver Pumps & Motors
  • Wilo
  • Atomberg Technologies
  • Jeet
  • Bajaj

Industries Served

We provide all types of packaging solutions to all consumer durables, intermediate products, industrial products, FMCG, electrical, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other sectors.  

Future Plans

We have balanced ambitions of maximizing our profits and winning customer loyalty with internal excellence and innovation. We cater to the needs of government agencies and government establishments with dynamism and vigor. We wish nothing less than excellence which is the reason of the success in today's market.

Why Us?

  • Leadership Team: We stand tall on strong foundations of truthfulness and reliability.....
  • Philosophy & Approach: We work hard to be a reliable partner in the development of high quality products
  • Sustainability: We are dedicated to do fulfill our responsibilities towards environment and take small steps to make our business soar high. 

KRANTI PACKAGING trusted seller